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IDG Contributor Network: C# 7 in depth : Exploring local functions

The support for local functions is an excellent new feature that has been introduced in C# 7. Note that you can define local functions inside any method, the constructor of a class or inside a property — both getter and setter. When it’s compiled by the C# compiler, a local function gets transformed into a private method.

When developing applications, you might often need to create methods that aren’t reused — you need them just for modularity. You might not want your methods to be long as maintaining such methods would become a nightmare over time. However, you might end up having many private methods that would not be reused, right? This new feature in C# 7 comes to the rescue in such circumstances — you can define functions that are local to another scope, or it can be inside another function or even inside a property (both getter and setter).

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Weekly Roundup: More Hints of Spring

I’m reviewing closets and helping clients refresh their styles for Spring, which has felt quite exhilarating after a cold, grey and snowy Seattle Winter. These are some of the shopping treasures and items that caught my eye along the way. Be sure to look at all the colour options. 

IMPORTANT: Many of the short dresses look phenomenal worn as tunics over cropped straight and flared jeans and pants. And an interesting pair of leggings will also do the trick. 

You can see my descriptions alongside the items on the collection page.

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Flashback: Nintendo Entertains Gamers With ‘Captain N: The Game Master’ Cartoon

Everyone is talking about Nintendo and its new Switch console right now, but the really hardcore fans are the ones who grew up watching Captain N: The Game Master. It followed the adventures of Kevin Keene, a boy who gets sucked into Videoland

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