55% Off of North Face Jackets at 6pm

Okay, I know a post about discounted outdoor apparel from The North Face means my Seattle is showing. After all, some skinny jeans with knee high boots and a jacket from The North Face is the pinnacle of style around here! Joking aside, The North Face is more than Seattle’s official favorite clothing brand (no I don’t want to talk about it), it’s actually a really reputable and highly respected brand. It’s also on the higher end of the “mid-range” price spectrum. 6pm has a ton of The North Face jackets, boots, pants, dresses and more for up to 55% off.

As we head towards the depths of winter (remember how winter technically started only 8 days ago?), I’m looking for warm’n’cozies to keep me warm on my winter hikes. In addition, I love jackets that are thin enough to layer under bigger, much cuter jackets and The North Face’s high-tech approach to clothing means they have exact that.

There’s an understated demand for respect that comes out of The North Face apparel. It makes you think “well, they wouldn’t have bought it if they weren’t going to use it to the maximum extent of its capabilities, right?” If anyone asks you if your The North Face jacket has taken you to the summit of Mt. Kilamanjaro, you just shrug and smile. They don’t need to know that it’s seen more episodes of Mozart in the Jungle than trees.

The only downside to The North Face is that they have a compulsion to put their stupid logo and/or brand name on frickin’ everything. This isn’t all bad, though. As much as I hate branded clothing, when it comes to performance clothing and outdoorsy gear like The North Face, I don’t mind it as much.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than being Extra while surrounded by nature, but when it comes to something that keeps me super warm and cozy, I care less about logos. Also, when I pass strangers who happen to be wearing The North Face jackets, I just assume that they’re are athletic, nature-y badasses who can probably rock climb and trail run and have definitely fought a bear.

Again, shrug and smile.

Favorites Performance Gear from 6pm’s The North Face Sale

The North Face Dyvinity Shirt Jacket, $160 $95.99

If you’ve never had a jacket with “ninja sleeves” (I have no clue what the actual name for thumbhole sleeves is, but that’s what I was told they were called by a bro in a ski shop who sold me a snowboard), you’re not living your best life. If you run or are active in the wintertime, these sleeves will keep your… sleeves from riding up or moving around. Especially if you wear gloves regularly, these little thumbholes will keep your sleeves inside your gloves for maximum, air-tight insulation.

The North Face Venture Jacket, $99 $69.30

This jacket started out under $100 before the sale, and I have to say – that’s a pretty sweet deal. Granted, this isn’t a winter coat, but it is a step up from a basic, waterproof shell and has some winter-coat-like features that make it well worth $100, so I’d gladly pay $69.30. The eggplant purple color is so pretty and warm, too. I’m not used to seeing that purple in outerwear! There are a total of four colors available.

The North Face FuseForm Dolomiti Full Zip Jacket, $149 $89

Yessss, another ninja sleeve jacket! The color of this jacket is gorgeous, and I really like the yellow-y, grassy green contrast on the zippers. This would be a perfect jacket for running – probably year-round. It would also be excellent as a layering jacket. The pattern on the inside is really cute, too. There are two other colors available! What does “FuseForm” mean?  Water resistant-breathable, lightweight, and fancy.

The North Face Rydell Bomber Jacket, $139 $69

Isn’t this an adorable and complete departure from The North Face that you know!? Obviously, my love for bomber jackets runs deep, but this one is special. It’s a durable little jacket with tweed sleeves, and contrasting cuffs and trim. It is, indeed, inspired by the Rydell High School, straight outta Grease.

The North Face Caroluna Jacket, $120 $60

The Caroluna jacket looks so soft thanks to the heather green color and the quilted front. The neck is so tall it’s almost a funnel neck, which can be really cozy or really annoying, depending on your personal collar preferences.

The North Face Mossbud Swirl Reversible Jacket, $140 $89

Reversible alert! That fuzzy, icy little poof you see sticking out of the top of this jacket is the same material you’ll be swimming in throughout the interior. The lining of this is made from “deep pile swirl raschel fleece” and it’s unbelievably pillowy. The smoother lining is actually made from a super-durable taffeta (!) that has been treated, making it waterproof and better for layering (something about the smoothness of the fabric). The Mossbud jacket comes in three colors, each with a vibrant, reversible fleece interior. Yes, there is a hot pink one. (This jacket is available in XS and S only. The sleeveless vest version, however, comes in XS-XL!)

The North Face Indi Insulated Full Zip Jacket, $120 $60

This one is less of a “jacket” and more of a “really well-made zippy sweater.” The rib knit on the sleeves and the heather grey panels on the front and back make it look really modern and hi-tech – but in a sweater! The North Face’s most popular jacket (as far as styles that I’ve seen) is the Denali jacket, and this is kind of a gentler, most cozy sweater version. While this isn’t waterproof, it’s great for layering, or even spring hikes! It comes in two other colors, as well. This is the black version, and it isn’t even my favorite so I don’t know why I used a picture of it. Dumb.

See the rest of The North Face‘s discounted jackets, pants, tops, hats, and pretty much every other item of clothing at 6pm.com!

The best part of all of this is: this isn’t a sale. It’s just normal for 6pm. There might not be 55% off items all the time, but you also shouldn’t be surprised if you visit and there’s something for 60%+ off! No coupon code necessary, no special actions required. All of you nerdy outdoorsy people who wear The North Face regularly, many of which are probably my PacNW neighbors: drop the bong, we’re going shopping.

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The 14-Hour Flight (Ugh) Beauty Routine

Happy end of holidays, everybody. After MLK Monday, we’re fresh out of holidays until the Memorial Weekend. That’s right-with the exception of a few bank holidays, you’re on your own [PTO] until summer. While you ponder that, Glossier’s own Jessica Sheft-Ason (she makes IntoTheGloss.com work) is heading back from spending New Year’s in India. In between here and there, there’s about 14 hours of travel time, and Jessica prepared like a champ. Here’s her full beauty dispatch from the flight to. Safe travels, J:

Greetings from Delhi and Agra. I’m here for a wedding of two of my best friends from college, and also to see the Taj Mahal. Fun! It took a 14-hour flight to get here-that is an extremely long time to be airborne. I was going to connect, but I figured that the only thing more miserable than flying for 14 hours was to fly for 12 hours, deplane, and then get on another flight. Direct from JFK to Delhi it was.

Apparently airplanes dry the heck out of your skin; I read a very non-scientific study about someone who poured water on an airplane napkin and it evaporated 50% faster in air than on land. What!? If that was going to happen to my face, I had to be preventative instead of treating my skin in-flight. Also, I wanted to look decent when I got off the flight, because the best way to feel good is to look good. Or the opposite, maybe? Sorry, I am severely jetlagged.

Fourteen hours is way longer than you think it’s going to be, so my routine was weighted far more heavily on what I did BEFORE the flight, rather than what I did in-flight. (Seasons 1-3 of The Sopranos.) Feel free to apply this to your next transcontinental flight, or whatever life event calls for a ton of preparation. Maybe a wedding in India?


I started by taking the shower of all showers. The “Last Shower For Maybe The Whole Trip” kind of shower. If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you know that not all showers come with American luxuries such as hot water, pressure, and faucets. I didn’t know when my next one would be, so I had to make this one good. I used all my expensive and scrubby products: Christophe Robin Sea Salt Hair Scrub, Maison Louis Marie Bois de Balincourt Body Wash, and Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Body Scrub, shaving with a fresh-out-the-box Venus Spa Breeze Razor. My skin is baby smooth, and I smell expensive. I lock it all in by mixing Kiehl’s Creme de Corps with some Rodin Body Oil for max moisture.


I’ve found there are two ways to ensure your hair looks good post-flight: 1) airport blowout, or 2) braids and deep conditioner. Since number one is difficult to make happen, I settle for taut braids à la Kelly Mittendorf at Soulcycle. I braid my hair when wet and smooth a good leave-in conditioner like Phyto Intense Hydration Night Cream through it. When the flight is over and the braids come out, I look like a goddess who just arrived to Earth on Air India Flight 102.


My daily makeup has to be simple so that it’s prepped for the inevitable sheet mask assault I’m going to unleash after boarding. However, I also want to look decent while idling around the International terminal-you really never know who you might meet! After the standard cleanse and moisturize, I top off with Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium and Burberry Cream Blush for a dewy finish that says, ‘I’m not flying First Class, but I could be!’ Makeup that doubles as skincare is great for looking good and layering more skincare products on top. I once Googled to see if the water on airplanes was safe, and while I’m not sure, I’d prefer not to wash my face in the lavatory.

On the plane, I love starting off with a classic in flight sheet-mask. This is a great time to use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask I bought on a whim. It has honestly never been so worth it-I left it on for a very full 45-minutes (one episode of Sopranos) until it was bone dry. After the mask, I seal in the excess serum with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil, a strong and nourishing squalane serum and a great product at any altitude. Instead of switching it up, I stuck to reapplying the oil whenever my skin felt dry.

Then, as the plane entered its initial descent into Delhi, I put on the CosRx Apple Zone Power Patches. They’re hydrating, but I like them mostly because eye masks make me feel more awake. And “awake,” as it happens, is a great way to feel when you end up standing in the wrong Visa line for hours post-flight. There’s no sheet mask for that, unfortunately.

-Jessica Sheft-Ason

Photographed by the author.

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